Vegetable Pizza

Step 1  :  Spread the sauce

Step 2  :  Add the toppings

Step 3  :  Sprinkle the cheese

And your pizza is ready. Well our pizza were ready but soggy. I tried store bought dough ,home made dough ,baking sheet and pizza stone. But still the pizza were soggy and no body likes that. So I almost quit making pizza at all. 

Anyways my son wasn’t big fan of pizza ! Really he never said he wants a pizza for dinner until now. He only liked Indian street style pizza, crispy and hard base. When me and my husband is more thin crust people. So the only option to save our pizza nights was to master the art of pizza making and make it in every one’s favorite style. 

So here are the tricks I learned from going through many articles for almost a year,  trying and failing and trying again. 


Tips :

If making a crust at home, Partially bake the crust before spreading the sauce.

You have to pre-heat the baking sheet or stone.When it comes to sauce little is more.

Since you should only use very little sauce, the sauce better be very very flavorful.
Little is more goes for topping as well. (use many different kinds but limit the quantity)

No rules for cheese !!!

Prep time  :  20 minutes 

Cook time :  10-12 minutes (per pizza)  

Ingredients :

For 4 medium Pizza

1 cup sliced Mushroom

1  cup sliced Onions

1 cup sliced papers

1/2 cup sliced Olives

1/4 cup sliced Jalapenos

1   cup  pizza sauce 

2 cups  mozzarella cheese

2 tbs   Olive oil

Pizza dough or ready made crust

Pre-heat the oven and baking sheet or stone at 500 f / 260 c.

1) Roll or stretch the dough and make about a 7 inch circle.If rolling out the dough make sure to push it a little with hand to prevent it for making large bubble when baked.

2) Back it for 4-5 minutes.

3) Spread no more than 2 TBS sauce per pizza.

4) Add toppings.

5) Sprinkle the cheese and a little bit oil.

6) Bake it for 8-10 minutes until the cheese is melted.


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