Cranberry Pie !!!

                    Easy No-Bake Cranberry Pie 

This has become our Fall favorite dessert (cause this the only I can make) …. This Pie is a perfect combination of creamy and tart flavors.

As curious eaters me and my husband would buy any strange looking fruit or vegetable. So one fine fall day my husband got a package of fresh Cranberries. We liked cranberry flavored juices,so the fresh fruit would definitely taste good. So after tasting our first ever cranberry we realized you can’t eat them raw. And I was left  with a package of fresh cranberries  and Google to find the easiest and quickest recipe. Cause I have no patience or skills to bake or make fine desserts.

And Aarav was happy to make any Pie (Fall=Pie). And even happier when he got to do pretty much everything to make the pie and anyway he wants to do.

So here is the recipe for our favorite (favorite goes for pretty much all the desserts) dessert. Few tips to make it perfect every time.

                                              Tips :

  • You can use fresh Cranberry sauce or Canned one.
  • If you are using fresh one it’s a good idea to make it ahead of time and let it cool before using for pie.
  • If your sauce is too syrupy it is a good idea to drain the syrup a little. 
  • Add some water or any other drink to the drained syrup to make Cranberry flavored drink !!!
  • If you like big layer of cheese or cranberry sauce don’t hesitate to add or cut the ingredients. 
  • You can use the store bought whip cream BUT there is no match for homemade. It will stay on your pie till you enjoy the last bite of the biggest piece of Pie.

                                           Cranberry sauce

Prep    Time  :   5  Minutes

Cook   Time  :   15 minutes

Ingredients :

1  Cup   water 

1  Cup   Sugar

1  Package  fresh Cranberries

1)  Mix water and sugar in a deep pan.Let it come to boil.

2)  Add cranberries.

3)  Let it cook for 10-12 minutes until the water evaporates.

                                           Assemble the Pie 

Prep   Time  :  15 Minutes

Cook  Time  :  10 Minutes

Ingredients :

1  ready made  Pie Crust

1  8 OZ.  Pack of Cream cheese

1/4  Cup sugar 

1  TBS   Vanilla extract 

Cranberry sauce made from 1 pack of fresh Cranberries or 1 can of sauce

Whipped Cream as much as you like !!!

1) Mix Cream cheese,sugar And Vanilla extract  in a bowl with fork.

2) Spread cream cheese mix in the Pie crust.

2) Spread Cranberry sauce.

3) Let it rest for at least an hour before serving.

4) Serve it with a big dollop of whipped cream on top. 

Planning to make your own whipped cream, click here. It takes less than 5 minutes and trust me you will never buy the Only-Air-Little-Cream cans again.

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