Whiped Cream!!!

The biggest problem of homemade stuff ???  You will never go back to ready made again and you will have to (actually want to) make it again and again and again.

I only realized this in the last few months. I never new you can make whip cream at home. And you can not only make it but make way better than the ready made stuff with few ingredients and little effort. So the whipping attachment came out the box after 2 years and never went back.

There are only few things you need to keep in mind ……


  • Use cold ingredients :  cold whipping cream and cold equipment .
  • Yes. Put your bowl (preferably metal) and  whipping attachment in the freezer for 15-20 minutes before you start the process.
  • Only a little sugar will do the job.
  • Under bit or over bit whipped cream is not a good whipped cream. But it is easy to figure out when it’s perfect.
  • You can add different flavors to match the main recipe. Like Vanilla, lime or lemon zest, Orange Zest Etc.

Prep  Time   :  5 Minutes (inactive 15 minutes)

Cook Time   :  4-5 Minutes

Ingredients :

1  pack heavy Whipping Cream

2  TBSP  Sugar

1  TSP  Vanilla extract

1)  Put your Bowl and  whipping attachment in the freezer.

2)  Once the bowl is cold mix all the ingredients and start whipping on low speed for 2 minutes.

3)  When the cream starts to  thicken ,start whipping on high speed for not more than 2 minutes. 

  When  picks starts forming turn the mixer off.

4)  If the cream still needs a little work do it by hand whisker. So you don’t have     to take the chance of having Half-Way-To-The -Butter Whipping cream.

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