Thai Yellow Vegetable Curry !!!

                                                      Easy, Quick ,Elegant Dinner !!!

Our love for Thai food began few years ago when we first tried it in the sweet little Thai restaurant.For me it was the soup we had on that very cold day. And for my husband it was the coconut in all the different ways Thai cuisine has to offer.

Then for long time we never got to a chance to try good Thai food that inspired me to actually make it at home. So after all these years we had  wonderful Thai food on Mother’s Day (I wasn’t able to finish my lunch cause little one started crying uncontrollably, I got so many looks from so many people).  But the food was so good.

 After few days Aarav told me he wants to have the Thai food for dinner. So I asked some trusted friends about the basics of making Thai food at home (sometimes I would like to ask friends what exact recipes and brands they use, than experimenting with Google).


When you first taste Thai food you are so overwhelmed by all the different spices and coconut flavors  that you can not imagine you can actually make this at home. And it’s easy too….Now I always have few cans of coconut milk and a bottle of curry paste in my pantry so we can have our favorite food whenever we want and at the fraction of price.

                                                                           Tips :                                                                                                               

  • If you are not big fan of spicy food try Yellow Thai curry instead of Green Thai curry.
  • Use any vegetable you like or have.
  • Don’t cook the vegetables too much. Little bit of crunch is what you want in the nice curry.
  • You can make the curry ahead of time ,But add Tofu and soy sauce just before serving.
  • If you have to add more curry paste later , first fry it in a little oil. Or you will taste raw curry paste(and don’t blame us for that)
  • Can’t find Yellow curry paste in the stores around you then follow this recipe.
  • You can even make your own coconut milk : Flesh and water from one coconut + 1 1/2 cups water. Blend it well for 8-10 minutes. And strain it.
Making list for the shopping !!!

                                         Prep Time :  25 minutes

                                         Cook time:   20 Minute

For 4 people (adjust amount as per your requirement)

Ingredients :  

For Tofu  (Optional)

1/2  cup       Extra firm Tofu 

3     TBSP   Soy Sauce

1     TSP      Veg. Oil (or any oil)

1     TSP      Sesame seeds

1     TBSP    Oil for saute

For Curry  :

2   TBSP  Coconut oil

2   cups  Vegetables (papers,mushroom,baby corn, carrots, broccoli)

1   cup     Onions

1/2 cup    Tofu (prepared )

2   cans    Coconut Milk

2   TBSP  Yellow Curry Paste 

1   cup vegetable stock or water

Salt and Soy sauce to taste

green Onions to garnish

Prepare Tofu : You can do this while preparing Curry or a day before to save time.

I let him cut soft foods with Butter knife. He just feels so grown up by this task !!!

1)  Add Soy sauce, Oil and Sesame seeds to cubed Tofu.

2)  Let it marinate for 15-20 minutes.

3)  Heat some oil in the non-stick pan.

4)  Add marinated tofu and saute until brown form all the sides.

Curry :

1) Heat  Coconut oil in a pan , add Onions and Mushrooms. Cook them on high heat.

2) After about 5 minutes  add all the other vegetables and curry paste. 

3) After all the veggies are cooked add coconut milk and Vegetable stock.

4) Don’t cook it for more than 5 minutes or the vegetables will start to soften. 

5) Add  Tofu ,Soy sauce ,Basil and Green Onions Just before serving.

Serve it with Plain white rice.

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