Both me and my husband are little health conscious (not much ,we always allow ourselves a treat now and then). But we try to avoid unnecessary fats and sugars from everyday  meals and snacks. Even for kids, snacks options are always a fruit or a vegetable.

So when husband asked me what he can have for snacks in the office. I said let me try to make Granola (cause anything made at home has less calories and less sugars).Aarav was not so sure what we were making that day but once he tried it he is hooked.

It is a win win snack for everyone. Kids love 

the crunch and I see all the stuff going in their mouth.


What is Granola ?

Granola is basically toasted oats.For people who doesn’t like oats old fashioned way or have time to eat a bowl of oats,this is a very tasty,crunchy and easy way to add oats to your diet. You can easily spend some good amount of money at store brought granola or you can easily make it at home with a good amount of your choice of tasty bits.




Isn’t is a great help to sit quietly and talk on the phone


There are times when your little angles wants to eat everything you offer or don’t offer. Then slowly they develop their minds and senses and there comes the time they don’t even want try new things or thing they liked before. And store bought,sugar loaded and shiny packaged snacks are so more inviting than homemade healthy snacks.But if the kids are involved in making them they would at least try it once. And most of the time they   will be so happy and proud to creating something they will want eat it.

How to eat it ?

 add it to any cereal

 On top of yogurt  or fruit


  Just like that

                                                              Tips :  

  • Customize it with the Dried fruits and nuts of your choice   (specially  if you have a allergic child).
  • Try different flavors. Add orange zest or different spices. 
  • If you are using Old fashioned oats,Its a good idea to grind them for 2-3 pulses in the Grinder.
  • Don’t have oven? No problem You can make it in the pan too.

Prep time   :  15 minutes

Cook time  :   1 hour

Ingredients :

3             cups  rolled oats

1             cup  chopped nut

1 1/2     cups  chopped dried fruits (date,apricots,raisins,cranberries etc.)

1/2       cup    Shredded sweet coconut

1/4        cup   Brown sugar

1/4        cup   honey or maple syrup

1/4     cup     oil       

1       tbsp     cinnamon

1/2     tsp     salt

The blocks plane was observing the mission !!!

start the cooing:

Preheat the oven at 275 F / 135 C

It shouldn’t be lumpy .

1) Mix everything in a big bowl.

2) Spread it in a thin layer on baking sheet. (line the sheet with eluminium foil)

3) Put the baking sheet in the oven. Stir it every 15 minutes to have a even color.


If you don’t have oven :  Put the mix in a heavy bottom pan and roast it on midium-low heat for 20-25 minutes. For this method you have to stir the mix constantly or it will burn. 

it’s a good idea to do it in small batches. That way you will have even color and less chance of burning.

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