Veggie Purger Patties !!!

This is the burger you want your kids to eat !!!

I didn’t even like burger few years back. But when we were new in the USA Subway,Pizza and Burger seemed like only vegetarian options. And most fast food joints don’t even have Vaggie Pattie. So most of the time we will go for Subway.

 I remember practically walking (hot and hungry)  the whole Animal Kingdom in our quest for Vegetarian food. Then in this never ending moving life we got chance to live and visit many different places. And with that came the new food experience too. We tried some very good food truck burgers. And realized fast food joints burger are far cry from fresh made patties.

As we started to going out more (one day or just an evening out) we allowed  more burger in our life. Cause they are easy to prepare and carry. But that was mostly frozen patties. Never thought of making one myself. Not even single time the idea cross my mind, until I realized that from next year I have to give Aarav a lunchbox (filled with healthy meals). Not only healthy meals will do, the meal should be kid-friendly too. And my quest for perfect healthy meals started.


Since we are teaching Aarav the Vegetarian concept now, he was shocked to find out that all the recipe we were looking at contains eggs. The quest for egg less recipes are not easy either. So over time I have devolved some  options to replace eggs in any recipe.Just look at the recipe and think why the eggs are there in first place and replace them with similar working things. Here the eggs are to bind all the ingredients together  like a glue,So we are using ground flax seed mixed with water.



                                                     Tips :

  • Add or cut any veggies you like or have on hand.
  • Burger patty needs moisture to hold together. So make sure your patty mixer is not very dry.
  • Another thing the patty needs to not taste like almost-cardboard-with-little-salt is lots of flavor.
  • Try different flavors each time : Indian style Patty, Mediterranean style patty or Italian style patty by adding different spices or veggies. That way kids can learn about all the different cuisines too.
  • Don’t squeeze too hard the mixture to form a patty. All you want is a burger patty not a tennis ball.
  • Too hard or too soft patty will break.

Prep Time    :    30 Minutes

Inactive        :    30 Minutes

Cook Time   :    8-10 Minutes


1      Cup    Oats (processed into flour)

2      TBSP  Oil

1      Cup   Cooked Beans (Red,Kidney or                              Chickpeas)

1/2   Cup    Onions ( Chopped)

1/2   Cup    Bell Papers  (Capsicum) (Chopped)

1/2   Cup    Carrots   (Grated)

1      Large  clove of Garlic (Minced)

1      TSP    Green Chilies (appr. 2 green chilies)

Italian spice mix to taste

Salt to taste

To replace 1 egg  –    1 TBSP Ground Flax Seed + 1/2 Cup water (let it sit for 5 minutes)

1) Heat the Oil in a pan and saute onions and papers for 10 minutes on medium-low heat.

2) Smash the beans in a big bowl.we used Potato smasher for that but if you don’t trust the gadgets

      use your hands.

3) Add all the other ingredients in the same bowl and mix it really nice.Not a single crumb should be

    left dry.

4) Form patties. Look at the pictures for our fun no mess trick.

Line the container with plastic wrap and add 3 TBSP of mix in it. Pat it gently to form a patty.
Take the wrap out from the container and wrap it around the patty.
TA DA !!!
It can be freeze just like this.

5) Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes before using. Or for later use freeze them.

6) Saute in a pan with little oil. Frozen Patties should not be thawed before cooking.




                                                               Now assemble the burger :

Don’t just throw bunch of rebellious lettuce who wants to come out with every bite. I chop my veggeis so they stay where they are suppose to be. Today we added sauteed papers and mushrooms too. 

Love your Burger,They will return the favor !!!



A little bit of mayo ,




Bunch of veggies !!!




Serve it with cal slaw or salad and don’t forget the pickle !!!




12 thoughts on “Veggie Purger Patties !!!

    • Thank you. It’s more of his interest than my training at first. But than I thought in today’s world it is so important. Specially living in US gives me new perspective of life. And it’s fun way to spend time together a d get the work done.
      I wish your son would love cooking as well.

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