From My Heart to Yours ………

I have started this blog for you my little monsters.So this post is for both of you ,Aarav(5 years) and Avik(18 months). I wanted to share our happiness with all our friends and family around the world ans save them for you when you grow up. Well right now it’s only Aarav who is cooking with me, but I am sure soon Avik will join the team soon (right now he is just-messing-up-the-kitchen stage). So things I am writing mostly applies to Aarav  But I am sure if I don’t mention Avik’s name here He will make me say sorry for that.

I always wanted to be a mother to share the most important experiences of my life with my kids(going to Disneyland and swinging in the park). But I always wanted a daughter so she can understand me and always be there with me. But after having 2 boys now I know that important thing is to have kids who loves you more than anything.

Aarav when you were young people used to ask me why I am teaching you to cook ?Do I want you to be a chef? I wasn’t actually teaching you. Then you just wanted to be with me ,and I was mostly in the kitchen. But we did lots of other fun stuff too (riding the bus to everywhere, Monthly drum circle,story times and lots and lots of beach time). Slowly when you started talking you started asking questions about kitchen and food. For you it was a game (still it is). For me you were there with me learning important skills for your life.

So many times even I ask myself why I am teaching both of you this or why I am taking you there ? For me it doesn’t matter that after 5 or 10 years both of  you will still do all this things with me. Important thing is right now. We are making most out of our nomadic life (not having favorite toys or favorite friends all the time with you )  by exploring every tiny bit of our ever changing world. All I want both of  you become is a happy and sensible human being. By doing random travels I want you to know that traveling is not about going to the end of this world. It’s about taking a short drive to new neighborhood with people you care about or sometimes sitting on a park bench just by yourself can be fun too. Both of you have so different personalities yet I am sure Avik will follow his big brothers foot steps (right now quite literally) in this fun-filled-sometimes-bumpy-life.

Your father is not a very expressive person, but I want to tell that you guys are his BFFs . So if you are living somewhere far away from us, Be sure that your father is missing playing Cricket with you, reading the book and telling you stories with funny accents to you. And most of all just looking at you. Cause sometimes he literally can’t stop looking at both of you!!!And spoiling you ……..

8 thoughts on “From My Heart to Yours ………

  1. Woww.. very touching!
    M sure Aarav and Avik will cherish d moments spent with you in kitchen all their lives.
    I share yr kitchen photos with my daughter and she has started taking interest in kitchen activity too :)…after all its all about cook, play n eat. Good going vinanti!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Mez !!!
      I am so glad that Miraya likes our posts.After all they Aarav and Miraya are belly buddies !!! I am so happy that they have something in common 🙂


  2. I am still in tears after reading this. So honest… simple…..yet the most touching. Exactly like you! Aarav n Avik are very lucky to have you raise them.


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