Hot And Sour Soup !!!

                                       A perfect Hot and Sour soup to get little warm in this cold cold weather !!! 

And speaking of cold cold weather reminds me that for two weeks I haven’t been able to do any real post on the blog (and nothing in real life too) thanks to the extended visit form Mr.fever and Miss Cold. And this is what I eat almost everyday for last 5-6 days. This is very simple soup with only few ingredients.The best thing about this soup is Aarav prepared almost everything for me to put the soup together. And there is nothing better than a 5 year old trying to do anything he can to make you feel better.

And with this recipe we are introducing our quick recipe category. Here we will give you Soups, Smoothies ,Salads,Chutnies and some side dishes ideas. Hope you will all enjoy them.

Tips :

  • Try to make fresh batch of soup whenever you want. Leftovers don’t taste or feel so good.
  • Use fresh Ginger instead of powder.
  • Use just enough  corn starch so soup doesn’t feel watery. We are not making gravy here.
  • If you don’t have Vegetable stock in the pantry , Use water with Vegetable flavor bouillon(small cubes of flavoring)

Prep Time  :    10 Minutes

Cook Time :     10-15  Minutes

Ingredients :

1   TBSP   Oil

1   Cup      Grated Cabbage and Carrots

1/2 Cup      Sliced Mushroom  (optional)

1   TBSP   Ginger   (chopped or shredded)

1/2 TSP     Garlic    (chopped or shredded)

1/2  TSP    Green chilies (approximately 2 chilies)

3    Cups    Vegetable stock or water

2    TBSP   Corn Starch

2    TBSP    Soy Sauce   (add more to taste)

2    TBSP    Vinegar or lemon (if you like it real sour)

Salt to taste

Some finely chopped Green Onions

1)  Heat the oil in the pan and add Ginger,Garlic and Chilies. Saute for 30 seconds.

2) Add mushrooms and saute for 2-3 minutes ,until tender. Add other veggies and saute for few more     minutes.

3) Add vegetable stock and let it come to a boil.

4) Mix corn starch with little cold water and add it to the soup.

5) Let the soup thicken , for 2 more minutes.

6) Add vinegar , Sprinkle some Green Onions and serve.

12 thoughts on “Hot And Sour Soup !!!

  1. Hot and sour soup – I could have put that as my favorite food. I buy it everywhere i find out. People either love it or hate it. Once in awhile I find a place I like, but I’ve never made it myself – I’ll have to get the ingredients and try it and let you know how it comes out.

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    • all I really need is some cabbage and when you say green chilis do you mean jalopena? I cut them up and use them in salsa and a few other dishes. Most hot and sour soup I’ve gotten has tofu in. I see yours doesn’t. I stopped eating tofu for the most part because of being made from soy bean, which is not only gmo, but is also sprayed with a chemical that can cause neurological damage. That is one of the reasons bees are dying. They leave the hive and can’t fly right and they also lose their memory of how to get home and die in flight. They also spray it all over corn. I love in Pa which is a heavy cornfield state and Pa bee keeps are losing most of their hives. I stopped eating corn a long time ago for this, and also because it breaks down in a sugar

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      • Wow …. So much information on food. I am going to keep all this in mind.
        Tofu is not very common in Indian recipe. Even though this soup is more Chinese, this is the version we normally get in India. So tofu is totally optional.
        You can use jalapeños, since they are hot. But I normally use small green chili peppers.
        I also wanted to tell you that , sending email to Jaime is in back of my mind. But there are some sudden development in our life during last week. We are moving to Houston, Texas next week. So I am so busy packing. I will do it once I settle down in my new place.

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      • I used to live in Houston. When I was playing and singing in piano bars I played in everyone in the city, including the Hyatt regency and the spindle at the Houston airport. You will absolutely hate the freeways. I. think they are 12 lanes wide – each way. The traffic is worse than LA. Do you know what part of Huston you are going to be? And thanks for thinking of Jamie.

        I have a really off the wall question for you. When you move you will have to hook up your untilities. Establish with a utility company. Will you let me take care of that for you? Its what I do. It’s my “Other” job. I hook up people to green energy and Texas is one of my territories and then you will have me for your electric co rep. You won’t have to do a thing. Possibly gas, too. Weird, I know. Email me

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      • Thank you so much for the offer. We would love to go with green energy. Since we don’t know much about this it is good to have someone to look forward. The only thing is we mostly live in rental apartments. And sometimes they already have the utilities hook up or there are certain company we have to go to. We are planning to settle in Cypress area. Once we find the place I will definitely get in touch with you.
        You are so caring. We have no family in USA. And knowing that there is someone who cares about us is a great feeling.

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      • Does your husband’s job have you move much? When do you think you will be moving? When you move, though, do you usually have to pay your own utilities, meaning, will it be in your name your name or the company name? If they just set it up, then we can do it this way and I can get info to your husband so he knows it’s a good company. The US is making a major transition and a big push to go green. That is what deregulation is. They did it a long time ago with the phone companies There used to be only one service for the entire country. Bell telephone, and they charged really high prices. In the 1980’s it deregulated and now we have a lot of choices and it isn’t as expensive now. Now, energy is being deregulating and we a choice what kind of energy we want. Every state has to be deregulated by the end of the year. I started working with one of these companies. Ambit Energy and I’m sure glad I did. Most people, given the choice would like to go green. Not only that it costs less. And in Houston, because of the heat and humidty, summers are awful. They are very long. Winters can be chilly and rainy, but a snow flame is rare. So if there is any way I could help you, I’d like that.

        I didn’t tell you. Both of my kids were born in Houston. Ill be coming to Texas on a business trip for Ambit early in Sept. A convention. And my daughter and grandkids live near Dallas. And the prison Jamie is in, is in Texas, so ill be there a couple weeks.

        Have you been in the states very long? It must be hard being so far from home.

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      • We mostly live in apartment community. So each one has different rules. Right now our rent includes all the utilities , means they are not on our name. Green energy sounds really good. As we try to live green life as much as possible. We are moving on 7th March. Than we will start looking for places. We are planning to settle in Cypress neighborhood. is my email. Please send me the link for utilities.
        I knew that Jaime is in Texas. You must have lived in Texas for long time. I would very much love to meet you when you are in Texas.
        It has been 7 years. We miss our family. But when we decided to move here ,we were still young and wanted to see the new world. But never really planned on so much moving. Right now my husband has a job where he gets contracts for a year or two. After that if we don’t find the job in the same area than we move. Thankfully finding job in software industry is tough but not impossible.


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