My Mom’s Tomato soup !!!

This soup is more like a Tomato broth than soup. But all the aromas from cumin and clove makes it so irresistible in winter. Well it took me few years to figure out that why my soup didn’t had any color when I made it in winter in USA. Because in India tomatoes are winter vegetable (or fruit) and in USA they are in season in summer.

So if you want to make a tomato soup with nice color add a little bit of tomato Ketchup or tomato puree. Or make it in the season.

Oh No…. The chef went missing !!!

Gatcha !!!!

Prep Time :  5 Minutes

Inactive      :  10-15 Minutes

Cook Time :  15  Minutes

Ingredients : 

2   Medium size tomatoes

3   Cups   Water

1  Green Chili (to taste)

1-2  TBSP   Tomato ketchup or puree (for color)

Salt to taste

Pinch of sugar

For Tempering /Tadka  :

1  TSP  Ghee or Oil

1/2 TSP Cumin

1-2 Cloves

1) Boil the tomatoes.

2) Crush the tomatoes and chili.

3) Add The tomatoes  to water.

4) Boil it for 8-10 minutes. Add salt and sugar.

5) In a small pan heat the ghee or oil. Add cumin and cloves. Ones the get brown (in 30-45 seconds)

pour it over the soup.

6) Enjoy…..

3 thoughts on “My Mom’s Tomato soup !!!

    • Totally agreed. I myself prefer tomato paste, since in winter we don’t get the best tomatoes. But I still would go for fresh tomatoes instead of canned.
      In India canned products are not as common and cheap as they are here in USA. That’s the reason I mentions tomato ketchup.
      I really appreciate your honest comment @lorieb.

      Liked by 1 person

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