Our Tiny Winy Celebration to Welcome The Sheep Year !!!

                                                             Happy Chinese New Year !!!

Sorry, We don’t have a recipe this time. But I wanted to share this fulfilled day with you all. From few weeks we are bringing books related to “Chinese New Year” from library. And Aarav so wanted to make the Dumplings to bring the good luck and wealth (he has no idea what that means). So we decided to do exactly that. But the idea was so prompt we wasn’t able to do any decorations. Maybe Next year !

Now My brother asked me that what do you have to do with Chinese New Year? And I was like isn’t word celebration enough to cheer a kid who is stuck in house for days. I guess my brother will celebrate every single festival (even fool moon ,no moon days on calender) once he has his own little monsters.

As an Indian you grow up with lots and lots of different festivals from all the religions followed side by side. And major festival of each religion has a national holiday. So we are used to celebrate festivals to which we are not directly connected. And I was lucky to get a chance (rather lots of chances) to travel to many countries with my dance troupe since I was 14. It gave me a broader view of the world which I have read in books or seen on TV. And I so glad my son is open to except everything that comes across his life.

I wanted my kids to learn about different culture not only because there are so many opportunities to stumbling upon people or places totally different from you, But I also want him to feel comfortable , rather confident about being different too. I want him to know that how important it is to respect other cultures too. Since he started school, many time he has felt that why we do thing differently form his English friends (anyone who is not Indian). Sometimes he has even refused to do things our way. So I hope teaching him about different cultures will make him comfortable both here in USA and when we visit India, And most of not to loose a single chance to be happy.

Do you celebrate or include customs from other cultures ? Why ? What customs ? We would love to know about your adventures in adopting new customs.

2 thoughts on “Our Tiny Winy Celebration to Welcome The Sheep Year !!!

  1. you are an awesome mommy!!!! i’m asian and didn’t even celebrate chinese new year. hehe. i guess because we don’t have any kids of our own. but that is so great, teaching your kids about other cultures and to respect them and even eat their food!

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    • Thank you so much for the compliments . but the instance you become parent you also start learning new things and little joys of life. Kid’s do change the way we see things a lot. And in my opinion all the parents in this world are awesome !!!

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