Life Without Roots !!!

We are seeds looking for the perfect soil to grow and thrive !!!

We are moving again. This time it also a cross country move from New York to Texas. I have got only 2 weeks to pack our life here. So we won’t be seen here for next month or two.

It is just a pain to do all the packing and move and set our life every year. And we loose the friends we made. Now that Aarav has started school he will have to adjust to the new atmosphere ,teachers and friends. When you move you even have to find out perfect store for the things you need at the perfect prices.

Owww…. poor me. Now read this :

Since we are new in USA we wanted to explore the country before we settle down in one place. Our kids are still young so we don’t need to worry about proper schooling yet.Best of all my husband is in software industry and can find new project (not easily) in different parts of the country. So we decided to explore all the new places,make new friends and find out what’s best for us. Now we move almost every year.

Now most of you are jealous,thinking Wow….what a great way to travel !!! Well the thing is we didn’t decided to live this way (we are not the adventurous people) but this is something we have to except. So lately I have come out from the moving-is-a-big-pain from moving-is-awesome mood.

Last year I was really in the bad state of mind. But than I thought why ? I have a perfect healthy loving family. Some friends even from far away stick with me all the time and want to see me happy. And if not for moving we wouldn’t have seen places or meet new friends or discover new things we as a family enjoy most(instead of mowing lawns or cleaning a big house). If only I can see the brighter side of this than my kids won’t feel the negative effects.

So now I am one happy mommy, who is packing a whole house with two little monsters who are as happy as any kids to play with all the random stuffs (bags,tapes,hats,broken toys,pots and pans). All I am trying to teach them (and myself) is letting go of our favorite things (even the most favorite toys) shouldn’t be sad or painful. Cause there are more stuff waiting for us at the new destination.

Here are some moments from our days here in New York :

At Huntington Harbor ,He would have flown away !!!

My Little Cowboy !!!

Best Buddies at School !!!

Avik’s First Birthday at Central Park, New York City.

Aarav’s 5’th Birthday !!!

With his beloved Diva Didi (elder sister) !!!

12 thoughts on “Life Without Roots !!!

  1. Packing can be a bit of a hassle eh? We have moved a lot too and we were even thinking of relocating to another state but the thought of starting all over again is just too much. Not now. Have a safe trip and we will still be here waiting for you to get back once you get settled in your new home.

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  2. that’s quite a hike from NY to Texas. Where in Texas are you relocating to? Keep your mind open and I’m sure you and your family will adjust and enjoy your adventures!

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  3. Hi dear friend
    Happy journey .You are lucky you get to see different places otherwise some people don’t get to go out . I am happy for you. All the best we are there with you .I will be waiting for your posts after shifting.

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    • Hi, Thanks for your warm wishes and encouragement. It is really really tough to move around. sepcailly when you have 2 kids and just two of you have to manage everything. Cause we move so much we actually don’t have friends whom we can just call to help us.
      But since last year I changed my attitude towards this. And thought there might be lot of people who wants to go out of where they are and will be more than happy to be in my place. And guess what even though this move is exactly as tough as all the other one and I am tired a lot. I am not stressed. I am happy .


      • I understand dear. Even I have one kid . Should I come to help you. My personal experience is very bad I have so many people whom I know but no one comes when needed help not even my husband. I had to stand strong and do on my own.

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      • Hi,
        Nice to hear from you. As you read here ,getting settle was little longer than I expected. Now we are almost settled. But life has changed a lot. We got really busy here. But that’s a good thing . My son is waiting for school to open. So most of my time is going in keeping him busy. How are you ?


  4. Love the picture of the whole family, first time I have seen Avik. Aarav is so tall now. I think you all should move to Seattle. It is a wonderful place to raise children, a bit expensive but lots of computer jobs. And I will be able to see you.

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    • Thank you so much AriElle. We would sure love to see you. I am so blessed to have some friends like you, no matter how far we are and we haven’t meet each other for so long. But you still care for us. We are almost settled down in the Houston (at least for the next year) . I hope you are doing good too.


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