Our Big Move and A Bedbug story …….

OK so we are back …. finally settled down and ready to share our roller coaster life with you all. It took me a little longer than I expected to come back here but no matter how hard I tried to make this move easy …. It is just lots and lots of work.

The moving itself wasn’t bad at all. Maybe because we wanted to get away from New York so badly and this place is quite similar to our dreamland (South Florida) ….. And everything went smoothly (as smoothly as a moving can with 2 kids) . Kids actually enjoyed the whole thing so much. It was like a vacation for them since we eat out everyday and go out to find apartment. Even the little one was easy to settle in the new place.

Unpacking wasn’t bad either until we found a bedbug …… I literally wanted to scream cause when I thought I am done with this moving I had to start packing everything for the treatment. In India we have a saying that “This should’t even happen to my enemy ” . That is exactly what I felt.

Now it has been more than 3 weeks but we are still waiting for the all clear sign from the pest control people.Sorry to bore all of you but that’s the reason I didn’t started posting soon. But there is a brighter side of the move too….   Luckily we found an old friend here and Houston has so many things to offer we are playing tourist from the week we moved here. We are out enjoying every weekend no matter the pile of chores we have at home.

P.S : The only problem in Houston so far is everything is far apart. But there are lots lots of family friendly things to do.

At the Houston Livestock show and Rodeo !!!

At the Houston Livestock show and Rodeo !!!

Holi – Festival of Colors !!!

At Houston Zoo !!!

Tomato Plant on the patio !!!

Our little garden !!!

At the Strawberry farm !!!

At the Strawberry farm !!!

Meenakshi Temple !!!

BAPS Temple !!!

5 thoughts on “Our Big Move and A Bedbug story …….

  1. Welcome back! Moving is never easy. Ugh, I hate the thought of packing and unpacking so do whatever it takes to get you settled in your new home and environment. But bedbugs??? Yikes! Did you move to another place? I love that you guys are already exploring, thats the way to do it!


    • Thank you …. As I said this time moving was also kind of fun . We started exploring as soon as we put our bags in the new apartment (no kidding) ….. but the bedbugs got me …. we are still dealing with them. But life is good here and we are enjoying it fully !!!

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  2. WoooHoooo…. It’s really great to see you guys back. It seems you were very busy with fun and some pain(bedbugs) We also had that pain time in last year. I hope all is good now and waiting to have wonderful recopies from The Chef the Junior 🙂

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