Savory Semolina Pancakes (Utthapam) !!!

 Savory Semolina Pancakes (Utthapam) !!!

They are soft from inside and crispy from outside ….. and my go to recipe for Breakfast, Lunch ,Dinner and everything in between.

I love to stay outside the house as much as possible. And my kids are always with me. Library, shopping (grocery,cloths,toys or just window shopping) , park …. I just need a reason to be outside. And with kids the most difficult part is to feed them healthy food which cooks fast.

So I started to make this pancakes when my son was around 1 year. They are so easy and quick and you don’t have to worry about going steal with this. Aarav  didn’t had his first tooth until he turned 13 months. So for me the struggle was to add veggies in his diet which he would like and will be able to eat. This recipe is perfect for kids of any age. At 5 and half he still loves them and not mention little one is a fan too…..

                                                                    Tips :

  • If you feel that better is little watery at the last minute.. Add A spoon or 2 of rice flour.
  • The better can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. Take it out at least 20 minutes prior to preparation.
  • You can use whatever veggies you have on hand. Good examples are Shredded Potatoes, Zucchini, Squash , Thinly sliced spinach or Kale.
  • My kids are skinnier than a super model , so doctors tell me to add healthy fats in their diets. I sprinkle shredded cheese on the Pancakes.

Prep Time    :  10 Minutes ( 15-20 minutes for soaking)

Cook Time   :  3-4 Minutes per Pancake

Ingredients :

1     Cup    Semolina

1/4  Cup    Plain Yogurt

2     Cups   Water   (add a little at a time)

1/2  Cup     Shredded Carrot

1/2   Cup    Diced Tomatoes

Salt to taste

Oil or Ghee for greasing the pan.

For Grown Ups   :     Ginger-garlic Paste , Green chili paste and Ground Black Pepper

In a large bowl Mix Semolina, Yogurt and water.

Let it sit at room temperature for at least 20 minutes.

Add veggies and salt 5 minutes prior to making pancakes.

Heat a  large flat pan. Let it heat really good.
Put a few drops of oil on the pan and spread the batter with a ladle quickly .

Let it cook on on side for a minute or two.

Then turn it over and let cook for another 2 minutes. Give a little pressure with spatula to cook evenly.
And your Pancakes are ready !!!

If this is a snack time enjoy them with Coriander Chutney and Catch up or for a meal serve it with Sambhar and Coconut chutney  (hopefully I will be able to give you recipe for all these).

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