About Us

I am cooking, Playing ,Eating and growing mom of two ……and it is so much fun (except the waking-up-at-2-in-the-morning part).

What was I doing before I was a full-time mom ? Dancing  and ummm….. well dancing pretty much all my life.Never thought about the time when I won’t be dancing. Then we moved to USA and had kids and have a life as nomads (we move all the time) .None of my kid celebrated his first birthday in the same town he was born. So it is difficult to have friends and constant dancing life.

So what I am doing writing a cooking blog ? Am I very good at cooking ? Is this what I always wanted to do ? Is cooking my ultimate passion ? Did I went to culinary school?  No ….No….No….For me cooking was a daily task life brushing your teeth ,bathing or reading. Just a bare necessity. And so many time I would just get frustrated to cook one more meal. But as any sensible person I knew I have to cook fresh food if I want me and my family to stay healthy.

But it all slowly changed when I started having a company in my kitchen. Someone always ready to help me(most of the time leaving the things more messy) ,talking to me, asking me all the questions  possible in the world  and most of all making me feel what I am doing is so much fun. Now whenever I have those days (you know those days, why I am doing this, OH God Why ????) I will go in the kitchen grab my chopping board (Oh I love them so much) and knife and start the favorite game of my son. Cooking…………..!!!

So here we are, me and my five-year old sharing our love for cooking ,playing and eating !!!88c38-img_20141222_153757

P.S : Only No Meat, No Egg, No Fish recipes are on this blog.

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