Our Big Move and A Bedbug story …….

OK so we are back …. finally settled down and ready to share our roller coaster life with you all. It took me a little longer than I expected to come back here but no matter how hard I tried to make this move easy …. It is just lots and lots of work. Continue reading

From My Heart to Yours ………

I have started this blog for you my little monsters.So this post is for both of you ,Aarav(5 years) and Avik(18 months). I wanted to share our happiness with all our friends and family around the world ans save them for you when you grow up. Well right now it’s only Aarav who is cooking with me, but I am sure soon Avik will join the team soon (right now he is just-messing-up-the-kitchen stage). So things I am writing mostly applies to Aarav  But I am sure if I don’t mention Avik’s name here He will make me say sorry for that. Continue reading

How to raise a cook ???!

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend.Our friend Hemant was visiting us. I met him after 5 years(yes,can’t believe it). But in these great era of technologies sometimes no distance is great enough to have a good friend. During his short visit we were talking (when kids allowed us to talk) about our first common interest Food and my life with kids. I was telling him about my new blog and he was telling me how he also started cooking as a kid. The one thing we both agreed on was it’s important to learn and love cooking before you actually have to (not want to but have to) do it. Continue reading