Easy Peasy Chickpeas Salad !!!

  Whole lot of Vegan  Protein In just one bowl  !!!

Lately I have been asked many times that being a Vegetarian how you manage to get enough Protein ? I don’t know if I have been asked the question more often or that now I am more aware of our protein intake But I am always looking for more dishes with more protein. Continue reading

Corn In Coconut Milk !!!

                                                                         Corn In Coconut Milk !!!

Corn is in the season so they must be in your refrigerator too !!! But for my family corn is always in the season and Coconut Milk is one of the few things husband really desires ….. So when I came across this recipe in a cookbook I knew this is going to be a family favorite. Continue reading

My Mom’s Tomato soup !!!

This soup is more like a Tomato broth than soup. But all the aromas from cumin and clove makes it so irresistible in winter. Well it took me few years to figure out that why my soup didn’t had any color when I made it in winter in USA. Because in India tomatoes are winter vegetable (or fruit) and in USA they are in season in summer. Continue reading

Hot And Sour Soup !!!

                                       A perfect Hot and Sour soup to get little warm in this cold cold weather !!! 

And speaking of cold cold weather reminds me that for two weeks I haven’t been able to do any real post on the blog (and nothing in real life too) thanks to the extended visit form Mr.fever and Miss Cold. And this is what I eat almost everyday for last 5-6 days. This is very simple soup with only few ingredients.The best thing about this soup is Aarav prepared almost everything for me to put the soup together. And there is nothing better than a 5 year old trying to do anything he can to make you feel better. Continue reading