Mushroom Soup with Basil !!!

                                      A warm bowl of soup on a winter night (or day) !!!

Just reading this line gives me warmth. Who doesn’t like a bowl of soup on wintry nights ??? Continue reading


Happy Valentine’s Day !!!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my new friends here on WordPress. It has been a wonderful experience so far (more like saving my sanity experience) .In last year, there were  two things missing from my life. Some friends and creativity.  So on my 30th birthday I did something which I have never done before. I got drunk real hard(yup……real bad) and blurted out my light bulb idea. and that’s how Cookplayneat born. Continue reading

My Mom’s Tomato soup !!!

This soup is more like a Tomato broth than soup. But all the aromas from cumin and clove makes it so irresistible in winter. Well it took me few years to figure out that why my soup didn’t had any color when I made it in winter in USA. Because in India tomatoes are winter vegetable (or fruit) and in USA they are in season in summer. Continue reading

Palak Pulav (Spinach Pilaf) !!!

                                              Green Rice …. Palak Pulav ….. Spinach Pilaf !!!

Whatever you call it, It’s a fancy rice dish with a healthy kick. And just one spoonful of this rice takes me all those years back to my parents’ home.All four of us enjoying our dinner on those cozy winter nights,watching some cartoon (yup…my addiction to cartoon is hereditary), talking about our busy days.This is not a quick or easy everyday rice recipe but it’s totally worth all the efforts. Continue reading