Both me and my husband are little health conscious (not much ,we always allow ourselves a treat now and then). But we try to avoid unnecessary fats and sugars from everyday  meals and snacks. Even for kids, snacks options are always a fruit or a vegetable.

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How to raise a cook ???!

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend.Our friend Hemant was visiting us. I met him after 5 years(yes,can’t believe it). But in these great era of technologies sometimes no distance is great enough to have a good friend. During his short visit we were talking (when kids allowed us to talk) about our first common interest Food and my life with kids. I was telling him about my new blog and he was telling me how he also started cooking as a kid. The one thing we both agreed on was it’s important to learn and love cooking before you actually have to (not want to but have to) do it. Continue reading