Easy Peasy Chickpeas Salad !!!

  Whole lot of Vegan  Protein In just one bowl  !!!

Lately I have been asked many times that being a Vegetarian how you manage to get enough Protein ? I don’t know if I have been asked the question more often or that now I am more aware of our protein intake But I am always looking for more dishes with more protein. Continue reading

Corn In Coconut Milk !!!

                                                                         Corn In Coconut Milk !!!

Corn is in the season so they must be in your refrigerator too !!! But for my family corn is always in the season and Coconut Milk is one of the few things husband really desires ….. So when I came across this recipe in a cookbook I knew this is going to be a family favorite. Continue reading

Palak Pulav (Spinach Pilaf) !!!

                                              Green Rice …. Palak Pulav ….. Spinach Pilaf !!!

Whatever you call it, It’s a fancy rice dish with a healthy kick. And just one spoonful of this rice takes me all those years back to my parents’ home.All four of us enjoying our dinner on those cozy winter nights,watching some cartoon (yup…my addiction to cartoon is hereditary), talking about our busy days.This is not a quick or easy everyday rice recipe but it’s totally worth all the efforts. Continue reading

How to raise a cook ???!

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend.Our friend Hemant was visiting us. I met him after 5 years(yes,can’t believe it). But in these great era of technologies sometimes no distance is great enough to have a good friend. During his short visit we were talking (when kids allowed us to talk) about our first common interest Food and my life with kids. I was telling him about my new blog and he was telling me how he also started cooking as a kid. The one thing we both agreed on was it’s important to learn and love cooking before you actually have to (not want to but have to) do it. Continue reading